Autoimmune Chronic Fatigue Chronic Pain

This is a subject very close to my heart, particularly because of my compassion for my fellow human being. I see these syndromes or set of symptoms being mistreated or just "managed". I personally, have had these viruses and had the beginnings of autoimmune behaviour. And, no, Omega 3 , a magnesium powder and an  adrenal tonic,  is barely going to take the edge off!!! And, NO, leaky gut, is not the cause of your body's autoimmune behaviour, but is simply aggravating it by adding "fuel to the fire" ! Ouch! :( 

And most importantly, this seems to affect those of us who have been under long term stress and caught in the cycle of over achieving. 

we have to:

1. acknowledge the individual constitution and life story

2. with this information, then tailor an anti-inflammatory LIFESTYLE not just diet! but diet is also a big part. 

3. switch off the immune system, or "normalise" the immune system with specialised homeopathics, herbals and nutrition. 

Viruses such as epstein barre, ross river, cytomegalovirus, herpes complex of viruses, coxsackie, viral mumps and rubella, are all the trigger. Or a bad reaction to a vaccine. You may not even know you had any of these until you look for them. You would have just gotten a bad flu or virus, shakes, shivers, fever and bedridden for two weeks at least. Felt complete exhaustion and the exhaustion never went away. What these viruses do is "switch on" the immune system so that you feel like you have the mild case of the flu every day hence chronic fatigue/post viral syndrome. and , again, this will be in varying degrees, depending on your lifestyle, diet and thought habits.

Then, years later you are in pain and suffering from many mystery symptoms. And, unfortunately, doctors and even other natural health care practitioners, simply try and manage. or don't even fully acknowledge what is happening immunologically and biochemically to your body!

So a combination of stress, viruses and an acidic diet (meat, sugar, caffeine, tea, junk foods etc) at varying levels, creates an autoimmune behaviour which would have different levels of extremity in each individual.  Most people do not even realise that they are in a post viral or autoimmune state. there are no uniform set of symptoms yet presenting for your doctor to do the correct tests.

If you think you may be in an autoimmune state, and, its worth ruling out, get these blood tests done:

past viral exposure : EBV CMV RRV coxsackie herpes complex etc

inflammation markers: CRP and homocysteine WBC

and specific tests if you have severe symptoms like: RF, Thyroid antibodies and ANA levels

I do not have an expensive "program" or products for this, I simply acknowledge you, in an in depth naturopathic consult and create the perfect treatment plan for you x