"Gut Health" "Leaky gut" : Digestive Disorders

The latest marketing phrase is "gut health", which is a very simplistic term for digestive health. Our digestive system is complex and intricate, it starts at the mouth and ends at our anus. Digestive disorders vary from mouth ulcers to stomach ulcers to diverticulitis to lack of enzyme production to bloating to liver inflammation to gall stones to bloating and distension and the lost goes on... 

Parasites and fungus can be one of the most major contributing factors to ill health and Ive even heard reports that when the appendix bursts it was full of parasites! The appendix is actually our last point of call for detoxing the lower bowel, it is lymphatic tissue! 

"Leaky gut" also another vague health diagnosis of mainstream marketing, is very real, and naturopaths have acknowledged this for 30 years! A simple definition is dietary and a sluggish bowel creates a broken bowel wall where undigested food will enter the body, or the digestive cells are dysfunctional and damaged and are not doing their job properly. 

There is no one fix for all these problems. Marketing diamataceous earth as a cure all is dishonest. Diamataceous earth simply suffocates parasites and slightly detoxes the bowel, and it's silica content may help heal a broken gut lining, but its questionable as to whether this is absorbable. Just like its questionable as to whether gelatine is absorbable which is why they process it and call it hydrolysed gelatine aka collagen. Everyone I ask as to whether these two items have "healed" their "gut issues" the answer is always "I think its doing something" 

Natural medicine, which involves herbals, food and diet therapy, nutritionals, homeopathics, acupuncture etc, if applied to the individual, by a skilful practitioner should give you fast and noticeable success. 

My favourites for treating various digestive issues are the nopal cactus, slippery elm,  soured grasses, colloidal silica, digestive enzymes, aloe vera, herbal bitters, liver herbs, bowel herbs, and of course creating food medicine for the individual. even strong organic chamomile tea is antispasmodic and calming to the stomach.  A high fibre diet with minimal animal products is one the best ways to avoid bowel cancer and keep things moving and detoxed. There are some that can't digest fibre as their stomach is so stressed and inflamed. Sometimes the diet has caused digestive disruption, sometimes it's toxic load, causing chronic inflammation and hypersensitivities, and mostly it is stress with a combination of the latter. a poor diet of processed foods and little fibre, fruit and vegetables will alter thee enzyme behaviour too, which is why sometimes some people even get bloated from fibre. 

As a side note, never underestimate the power of intermittent fasting, or even following a Mediterranean or blue zone technique of eating your main meal early in the evening, between 2pm and 5pm, and your breakfast mid morning, so essentially two healthy meals a day at the right time. Eating late at night while watching TV can create all sorts of health problems especially gastric reflux. 

Chronic stress hormones literally freeze the stomach so that is can't move or produce enzymes and hydrochloric acid. Our stomach makes most of our serotonin and responds to thoughts and emotions! 

So many of my clients say that when they went on holiday all their digestive issues disappear and as soon as they're home and go back to work and responsibilities the symptoms come back!

Digestive health is a complex subject and each individual has their own unique presentation, which is why there is no one cure fits all product.

If you are suffering from chronic digestive issues, at least question your stress levels and work on techniques that reduce this. And if you want to fix your problems permanently I can give you life long skills and therapies to completely heal what ever is happening for you.