About Colleen

Colleen's motivation to give you the best naturopathic guidance comes from a lifelong commitment to wanting to help the planet and humanity into better health.

Colleen has always loved nature and animals, and was an environmental activist through high school. Colleen also focused on the arts through high school and these creative thought processes help her create the best holistic health treatment for each individual. 

Colleen looked into becoming a teacher, guidance counsellor or an environmental scientist but fell into naturopathic medicine accidentally in 1991 after seeing an ad in the courier mail for the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

She immediately knew it encompassed all of her passions of acknowledging the earth and healing the human condition. 

She began her studies and also worked in a herbal dispensary and health food department on Albert St in Brisbane City at Delahuntys Pharmacy.

Colleen has had extensive experience in birth and pregnancy as a doula, as practicing and mixing herbalist in dispensary, a public and group educational speaker 

Colleen is a herbal, nutritional and food alchemist and gives minimal, but exact prescriptions. 

Colleen has never left her career and the natural health industry except for a few years to raise her children completely naturally with home births. This in itself was a "degree" and she has become a specialist in natural parenting and pregnancy. 

Her own life has has its ups and downs, as everyone's does, and Colleen has "faced her demons" so to speak and conquered disease and sickness thus far. She understands that if you are willing to listen to your body and make the necessary changes on physical and emotional issues you can prevent sickness. She knows that medicine will only do so much, but healing the "whole" human is where you experience miracles.

As her children have gotten older, and now independent, Colleen now submerges herself even more into the mysteries and intricacies of modern human health, and the depth of natural medicine modalities, and feels confident, yet ever humbled in her work.