Most people don't truly understand what a naturopath is and what their degree entails: 

A naturopath not only does 3 - 4 years study in herbal medicine, nutrition, diet therapies, flower essences, aromatherapy etc but they also need to study anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, clinical diagnostics, pathophysiology, biochemistry, physical examination. and everything in-between!

All of these studies are EVIDENCE AND MEDICALLY BASED.

All TGA approved herbs and nutritionals have been clinically trialled and are continually clinically trialled and analysed for their vast array of actions in the body. 

Naturopaths really are preventative health specialists.

They cannot legally practice without being registered and insured with a government approved registration body. 

Colleen, herself, graduated with a Diploma of Applied Science in 1995, then did an Advanced Diploma in 2004, and is now completing her Bachelor of Health Science. 

Needless to say, naturopathy which is still not integrated into orthodox medicine, has been in a state of evolution with its certification.

Colleen is very different kind of naturopath though, as she leaves prescriptions til last, and if possible, none. She treats and challenges diet and lifestyle habits and makes this your first medicine. Sometimes just tweaking someones diet or lifestyle choices, so that it suits their individual constitution, can be all it takes to get you well.

Colleen not only employs herbal medicine, homeopathy, iridology, food and lifestyle prescriptions and guidance, but also incorporates ayurvedic, chinese dietetics and blood type into her naturopathic health coaching

So don't be scared that she will be selling you multiple supplements!!! 

At the same time, be prepared to be challenged on your current habits and belief systems around health, even if you think they are healthy, they just may not be right for you.

And, sometimes, there is definitely a place for prescription to get you back on track and undo any damage and imbalances that is in action in your body, as we apply changes in diet and lifestyle and emotional well being. 

Colleen has been a registered and insured naturopathic healthcare practitioner since 1995.