Why Plant Based?

There are so many diets going around, right? The Keto diet has made a comeback in the last 12 months after 8 years of being dormant, while Paleo took over, I guess Paleo has become boring while certain celebrities took many financial gains from meat and supermarket corporations to promote this... 

Paleo and Keto aren't much different, both promote high animal protein and fat intake and make carbohydrates and sugars the enemy. If you cut out your junk food and follow a simplified diet, hopefully you will lose weight and feel better somewhat! But these diets cause chronic inflammation and acidity in the body, and are dangerous to stay on long term, which I will explain soon. 

The keto diet itself, originally designed for children with epilepsy, could not be maintained longterm because of the negative effects it had on their health. as a side note, medical cannabis oil, has been extremely successful in managing epilepsy , with no ill effects. 

There have been no longterm studies or observations done on high longterm animal product consumption except the masai, inuit and "caveman" , none of whom live past 40 - 60 years of age. 

I could talk about all the fad diets that have come and gone in my 26 year career in natural medicine...I am a truth seeker! and its not just about being plant based/alkaline but there are many other factors to consider with diet and lifestyle medicine, which when applied to the unique individual presenting, is when you get successful healing.

I am making a point of saying "Plant based", instead of Vegan, because :

Veganism is a lifestyle choice: causing as little harm as possible to the planet and her creatures, and ultimately our fellow man. Vegans do not eat anything that comes from animals, nor do they wear wool or leather etc. Anything or anywhere like zoos, where animal slavery and death is involved. 

I am a naturopath, so I will stick to the diet and food topic hence: Plant based

Why Plant based? That goes against all mainstream information from the media (KFC and McDonalds, the meat corporations are bigger than the mining corporations!)  etc dieticians, nutritionists, even naturopaths....

Instead of diet fads, and focusing on weight loss, counting calories and carbs etc, I study traditional peoples and their way of life, especially the blue zone peoples... 

The blue zone groups are the longest living humans in our current times and live without disease, none of our biggest killers : cardiovascular, cancer and diabetes.

The blue zone peoples average lifespan is 100 - 110, they are not on any medications and they are still active. 

They are all plant based!! ( they don't know what that means ) meat and dairy are luxuries. They have no access to supermarkets. they eat grains, legumes and local fruit and vegetables. A high fibre, alkaline diet.  And they eat one main meal a day. They usually have a religion or culture that involves fasting, and most importantly, close communities and family bonds. most of them eat some meat, very little to no red meat, local milk products, hand made, usually from goats or sheep, in small portions and occasionally, that is local. 

So what is the problem with excess or daily consumption of meat and dairy?

Here are the biochemical reasons, that we have discovered so far: 

  • all animal products create acidity and ammonia in the body, if these become excessive, it causes inflammation and therefore states of disease. 
  • RED MEAT ( beef, lamb and pork ) contain Neu5GC a carcinogenic acid to humans, humans cannot metabolize this, and it stores in our body. Our immune system reacts to this. 
  • Excessive arachidonic acid, found almost exclusively in eggs, meat and fish are pro-inflammatory,  immunosuppressant, creates chronic inflammation, and causes blood thickening 
  • Meat also contains the stress and reproductive hormones of the animal, both natural and added.
  • Meat and dairy are high in saturated fat, methionine and IGF-1 growth factor, all promoting cancer and cardiovascular disease in humans.
  • Casein in dairy is a known carcinogen. Dairy milk also contains caeso-morphine, an opiate like substance which is addictive!
  • When you cook meat it becomes mutagenic/carcinogenic. Carnivores do not cook their meat and have completely different digestive systems to humans. 
  • The Inuits and Okinawans eat raw fish, if you cook cold water fish you have destroyed the omega 3. The Inuits lifespan traditionally is between 50 and 60 years old. They had access to little vegetation.
  • Processed meat e.g. salami, sausages etc are known carcinogens, on par with smoking
  • Chicken and eggs contain HUMAN IDENTICAL ESTROGEN. And arsenic. Eggs were a luxury in ancient times. You couldn't steal all the native eggs otherwise you would destroy the ecosystem! 
  • The myth of the Paleo man only eating meat, is exactly that! a myth. sometimes it would take them days of trying to hunt down an animal with spears etc! They certainly weren't sitting down to eggs and bacon every morning or chicken and steak for lunch and dinner! They had to forage and eat the seasonal fruits and root vegetables and other vegetation. 

I will post some links for your further research, and these are only some! You can start with these: 



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